What changes are you making to AppFurnace?

AppFurnace shut down on the 30th of September 2018. The player app has also be removed from the app stores. As promised in the notification emails sent out back in July 2018, all user details and app content would be deleted, including backups.

Does this affect Calvium?

No. Calvium, the company that made AppFurnace, continues to grow and flourish. If you want to get in contact about Calvium’s services please go here: calvium.com

Why have you shut down AppFurnace?

We have been happy to continue to offer AppFurnace as a service to those people who did publish apps and the many more who used it to experiment with personal app development. Recent changes such as the introduction of GDPR and the requirements for apps from both Google and Apple meant a significant investment would have been needed to update AppFurnace that we were unable to justify commercially.

Can I still publish or update my app?

No, the service has shut down.

What can I use instead?

Unfortunately we don’t currently know of any alternatives to AppFurnace that offer similar functionality. If you know of one please let us know at support@appfurnace.com and we’ll update this.

What will happen to my published apps?

Any published apps will not be affected by the AppFurnace shut down. The apps will stay on the app store and continue to run as before without AppFurnace. But you will no longer be able to update or modify them.

Can I have my content back?

Unfortunately not. Since the shut down, your data has been deleted to comply with GDPR.

I have more questions

Please send any additional questions to to support @appfurnace.com and we will do what we can to help.