About Calvium

Calvium is a software services company founded by ex-HP Labs engineers with a passion for making technology accessible to the creative industries. We are based in the Pervasive Media Studio within Bristol's Watershed.

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AppFurnace is our flagship product and we are fully committed to making it the best app development experience possible. We have designed AppFurnace with design agencies and client work flows in mind. We want any business interested in making an app to be able to make one themselves. But if you would prefer us to make an app for you, or help you along the way then we have a wealth of experience you can count on.

The Core Team


We can call on a network of associates for story writing, content production, game creation or project management if needed

Company Information

Calvium is the trading name of Calvium Ltd.
Registered office The Old School House, 75a Jacobs Wells Road, Bristol BS8 1DJ
Company registration: 07055812
VAT registration: 112476634

Calvium Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 07055812