As of Monday 12th of September 2016, AppFurnace Pro is no longer allowing new sign ups .

If you want to use AppFurnace for teaching students in your school, please contact our Education partners, Kudlian.

For help with using AppFurnace, visit AppFurnace Help & Forums to see announcements, share tips and tricks, request new features and read tutorials


I already have an AppFurnace Pro account…

Will my service continue as usual?

Yes. Nothing will change for current users.

What will happen to my previous apps I have built on AppFurnace?

Nothing. AppFurnace will provide the same service to current users.

Will I be able to create new apps on AppFurnace?

Yes. If you are a current user of AppFurnace, you will be able to continue building apps.

Will I be able to get the same level of support

Yes. The AppFurnace forum is staying and we will be answering new questions that appear on there as per usual.

Do you have any plans to close AppFurnace completely?

We have no current plans to close AppFurnace.

Will the cost of publishing apps stay the same?

Yes. The cost for publishing via one platform (Android or iOS) will remain at £500 + VAT and the cost for both will remain at £750+ VAT.

Will the app publishing process remain the same?

Yes. You can publish your apps as usual. Please remember that your 5 credits must be used within a year.

I want to use AppFurnace under a different email address - can this be arranged?

Yes this can. You will need to contact us to arrange this.